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This new psychological thriller with a hint of supernatural horror finds its roots in Serbian history during the ‘Nazi invaded’ years.

Sasha, a man in his 30’s, goes back to Serbia after several years to claim an inheritance, only to find much more than he bargained for...

Discovering the truth about his mother’s murder, as well as many others in the small town, helps him find out who’s behind what’s believed to be a horrible curse that has kept his village hostage for 66 YEARS.

Blood, fear, Nazi ghosts and satanic rituals are only few of the elements that make this film a possible cult in the making, for this generation of aficionados!

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With an all star cast, classic and new faces blend together effortless, bringing a touch of class to the horror genre.

Bobby Rhodes and Milorad Kapor form this odd couple, whose common family tragedies take them on a very hard personal journey and eventually fight evil together. Alongside them we find a string of talented beautiful actresses, such as Natalie Burn, Mary Ruiz, Montserrat Roig de Puig, and introducing for the first time on a big screen the young actress Sabrina Ruggiero.

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