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MEW Productions was founded in 2003 with the main purpose of helping independent talent worldwide and promote independent co-productions.

Our aim is to keep alive the spirit of the independent productions, always searching for new talents and provide our clients with stunning results!

At MEW we have created brilliant work for TV channels, Movie Companies, International live events, pop promos, documentaries and a lot more.

The Company is located in London, UK, even though its collaborations through the years have expanded overseas: France, Italy, Spain, USA and Cuba to name a few. Among our clients you will find names such as MTV, EMI, EMAP, NOKIA, UNIVERSAL, MINIATURE, TIGER and many other satisfied clients!

We provide a full HD experience to our clients, from cameras to editing software.

In 2010 we have decided to open a branch dedicated to the representation of artists such as cult movie actors, musicians and DJ / producers. With them we’re touring the world bringing the talent to their eager fans...!


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